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Aleph of the Brotherhood of Light

"Peace be unto Thee!"






"I am Ashlem, known as Golden Image. I say to thee, 'Hail'. For years and years and years of Time, and years of experiences of the Earth Plane, Man has never learned his lesson yet about Peace and where it begins within him, Mankind as a whole. But soon they will learn their lessons within and they who are righteous shall find the Father!"

One comes forth into life into this existence on the Material Plane of Earth to learn the Lessons of Life and how to "get it right". When one brings forth their Greater Consciousness, then the Path that they have chosen becomes more clear to them and they can then realize their Greater Being and have greater Wisdom and Knowledge of Truth. Man must also overcome the five mind perversions of life by balancing them. Then he will not have to come back again to do them over. The five mind perversions are, anger, greed, lust, materialism and vanity. The greater is vanity, as it encompasses all of the other perversions. Fly, beautiful Eagles and Doves! I AM Ashlem


Ashlem's Message To The World 7/19/2006

" Love all of Mankind. Send the Word forth about Love and its Dignity of Love. Send the word forth about Prayer that Mary has said at Fatima. That it is coming about now in its time. It is a beginning. Prayer is the most important thing in Creation at this Period of Time. What more may I say? Let Man's Truth rise from within him, to find the Greater Aspect of the God Consciousness. Everything shall be renewed. The Hope for Mankind is PRAYER. Pray, Love one another and be Peaceful! That is the greatest message of all! Speak it!  Peace be unto you!  I AM Ashlem."



World Global Express - The Brotherhood of Light - Delivering messages of Love at the speed of The Light!

"Delivering Messages of Love at the speed of The Light!"

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