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Aleph of the Brotherhood of Light





"Reach out to the Poor, the Distressed, and the Lonely"







I AM the Master of Longevity, and we are creating essences from the rose petals, to be taken internally and lotions to be used in bathing or applied to the body externally to promote longevity. This has been sought after since Ponce De Leon arrived upon your Planet looking for the "Fountain of Youth". Use these gifts properly and you will live longer, be healthier, and appear younger. As you evolve into higher consciousness, learn your lessons and learn how to precipitate. Learn how to find the new wisdoms and Truth. Rise up out of lower vibrations and find a bouquet of beautiful roses which I will send to those who call upon me. Reach out to the poor, the distressed, and the lonely. Help these dear souls, your neighbors, your brothers, your sisters. This is my wish as I send my love to all. I AM: Cha-Ara.



World Global Express - The Brotherhood of Light - Delivering messages of Love at the speed of The Light!

"Delivering Messages of Love at the speed of The Light!"

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The Brotherhood of Light