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Aleph of the Brotherhood of Light

From Blessed Mother Mary and Ashlem

September 13, 2001




"And blessed art thee among women as always, for your Truth is your Purity and your Purity is your Truth, and your Light is the brightest of all. Let The Christ Within thee find the Peace that comes from within, for the Father lyeth along with thee of The Light of Truth. I come before thee, saddened at this time, as you understand the saddening of Life. What has come forth at this time is that which I have given to the girls in the field of Fatima, that thee may understand the Truth. They did not publish these things to people, but I come forth now and I weep, as many are weeping with me, for it has begun; the saddening of the Life of Man on Earth. Earth is not the only place in the Cosmos. There are many planets just like Earth throughout the Cosmos in different Vibrations of Light. But we are here to serve at this time, the Humanoids. Why is it that they must fight with each other? Why is it that they must disrupt their Courses of Evolution of Life?  I do not know the answers. Only The Father knows and that Father lies Within, for each to come forth at this time. My Blessed one, I have come so often to thee, I will forever and forever be with thee. I hold your Christ Rose and keep it for thee and we shall never forget it."


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"Delivering Messages of Love at the speed of The Light!"

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