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Aleph of the Brotherhood of Light

From Blessed Mother Mary





“Any mother’s heart would feel as mine, if she could discern beyond the veil of human carnality and banality, the monstrous plans in the making, that would tear asunder the hope of Humanity’s ascension. The very Earth itself and the stones thereof, will cry out and reel to and fro in planetary sorrow for my little ones. There comes a time when the entire nature and mineral kingdoms will revolt against the weight of darkness. As an animal shakes itself free of the waters upon it, so shall  shake itself free of those who would annihilate it. The words of my Beloved Son call to you. “Come, ye blessed of My Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. The Light of His Love shall go forth like the sunrise, dispelling the darkness of the world’s karma; dissolving the mists of confusion, liberating nature to return to its former glory. And You, my children, shall be overshadowed by the Angel of His Presence. Love shall be your buckler and your shield and if need be, Love shall be thy token of deliverance. I AM the Mother of Beloved Jesus, Mary.”


World Global Express - The Brotherhood of Light - Delivering messages of Love at the speed of The Light!

"Delivering Messages of Love at the speed of The Light!"

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The Brotherhood of Light